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Happy New Year!

We do hope you’re having a blast this holiday season, especially with your business! As usual, we continue on our spree of awesomeness as we bring you another solid content calendar for the month of January!

For many, the first month of the year is the most crucial one. You want to get into the new year with a full swing, racking up enough success to stay motivated throughout the year.

As a marketer, the importance of planning can hardly be overestimated, and in the same vein, it is crucial to keep our eyes out for all the opportunities that every day brings.

In this article, we have done the legwork for you, presenting all the events that span across the month of January so you can begin planning like the mastermind that you are!

What’s more?

We have attached a straightforward calendar template that you can use right away for free.

Let’s proceed!

Legendary January: Daily Events of the Month

From the very familiar New Year’s Day to the fun and eccentric Backward Day, January is quite the busy month!

For marketers, this weighs a lot on the psychological side as everyone wants to register a strong first impression for the year.

That said, here’s a list of events that you should look out for throughout the month of January, depending on your business.

Whether you find them interesting, bizarre, or funny, these events are a honeycomb of opportunities for marketers all over the world, take advantage of them!

Here we go!

January 1

  • New Year’s Day
  • National Hangover Day
  • Apple Gifting Day
  • Euro Day
  • Global Family Day
  • World Day of Peace
  • Polar Bear Swim Day
  • Z Day
  • Commitment Day

January 2

  • Science Fiction Day
  • Buffet Day
  • World Introvert Day
  • Motivation and Inspiration Day
  • Swiss Cheese Day
  • Happy Mew Year for Cats!
  • Cream Puff Day
  • Personal Trainer Awareness Day

January 3

  • Festival of Sleep Day
  • Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day
  • Drinking Straw Day
  • Women Rock! Day

January 4

  • Trivia Day
  • Spaghetti Day
  • World Braille Day
  • World Hypnotism Day
  • Pop Music Chart Day
  • Free Flower Basket Day

January 5

  • Whipped Cream Day
  • Bird Day
  • Melanoma Monday
  • Weather Observers Day
  • Orange Juice Day

January 6

  • Bean Day
  • Cuddle Up Day
  • Apple Tree Day
  • Shortbread Day
  • Weigh-In Day
  • Three Kings Day
  • Take a Poet to Lunch Day
  • World Day for War Orphans
  • Take Down the Christmas Tree Day

January 7

  • Bobblehead Day
  • Old Rock Day
  • International Programmers’ Day

January 8

  • Bubble Bath Day
  • Men Watcher’s Day
  • Show and Tell at Work Day
  • War on Poverty Day
  • World Typing Day
  • Earth’s Rotation Day
  • English Toffee Day
  • Argyle Day
  • Joy Germ Day

January 9

  • Apricot Day
  • Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day
  • Word Nerd Day
  • Play God Day
  • Static Electricity Day
  • Balloon Ascension Day
  • International Choreographer’s Day

January 10

  • Peculiar People Day
  • Cut Your Energy Costs Day
  • Houseplant Appreciation Day
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Day
  • Save the Eagles Day

January 11

  • Milk Day
  • Hot Toddy Day
  • World Sketchnote Day
  • Heritage Treasures Day
  • Learn your Name in Morse Code Day
  • Secret Pal Day
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January 12

  • Marzipan Day
  • Pharmacist Day
  • Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day
  • Work Harder Day
  • Curried Chicken Day
  • Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

January 13

  • Sticker Day
  • Rubber Duckie Day
  • International Skeptics Day
  • Public Radio Broadcasting Day
  • Make your Dream Come True Day
  • Peach Melba Day
  • Clean off your Desk Day

January 14

  • Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • Organize your Home Day
  • Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
  • Poetry at Work Day
  • International Kite Day
  • Take a Missionary to Lunch Day
  • Ratification Day
  • Printing Ink Day
  • Caesarean Section Day

January 15

  • Humanitarian Day
  • National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day
  • National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
  • Wikipedia Day
  • Pothole Day
  • Museum Selfie

January 16

  • Nothing Day
  • International Hot and Spicy Food Day
  • Religious Freedom Day
  • Appreciate a Dragon Day
  • Psychiatric Technician Day
  • Good Teen Day
  • Book Publisher’s Day

January 17

  • Cable Car Day
  • Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
  • Kid Inventors’ Day
  • Hot-Buttered Rum Day
  • Judgement Day
  • Hot Heads Chili Day
  • Customer Service Day

January 18

  • Thesaurus Day
  • Winnie the Pooh Day
  • Maintenance Day
  • Sanctity of Human Life Day
  • Gourmet Coffee Day
  • Peking Duck Day

January 19

  • Popcorn Day
  • Religion Day
  • Tin Can Day
  • World Snow Day
  • Good Memory Day
  • Brew A Portion Day

January 20

  • Disk Jockey Day
  • Cheese Lovers’ Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Camcorder Day
  • Day of Acceptance
  • Buttercrunch Day
  • Penguin Awareness Day
  • Take a Walk Outdoors Day

January 21

  • Hugging Day
  • Playdate Day
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day
  • Granola Bar Day
  • International Sweatpants Day
  • One-Liners Day
  • Own Your Own Home Day

January 22

  • Hot Sauce Day
  • Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day
  • Blond Brownie Day
  • Celebration of Life Day
  • Come in From the Cold Day
  • Dance of the Seven Veils Day
  • Polka Dots Day
  • Roe Vs. Wade Day

January 23

  • Pie Day
  • Handwriting Day
  • Measure Your Feet Day
  • Women’s Healthy Weight Day
  • Clashing Clothes Day

January 24

  • “Just Do It” Day
  • Belly Laugh Day
  • Activity Professionals Day
  • Peanut Butter Day
  • Eskimo Pie Patent Day
  • Compliment Day
  • Beer Can Appreciation Day

January 25

  • Irish Coffee Day
  • Opposite Day
  • Seed Swap Day
  • Visit your Local Quilt Shop Day
  • Fluoride Day

January 26

  • Spouses Day
  • Peanut Brittle Day
  • Child Labor Day
  • International Customs Day
  • Lotus 1-2-3 Day

January 27

  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
  • Chocolate Cake Day
  • World Breast Pumping Day
  • Punch a Clock Day
  • Thomas Crapper Day
  • Vietnam Peace Day
  • Better Business Communication Day
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 28

  • Blueberry Pancake Day
  • Global Community Engagement Day
  • Kazoo Day
  • Data Privacy Day
  • Pop Art Day
  • Speak Up and Succeed
  • Daisy Day
  • Thank a Plugin Maker Day

January 29

  • Puzzle Day
  • National Corn Chip Day
  • Freethinkers’ Day
  • Seeing Eye Dog Day
  • Curmudgeons Day

January 30

  • Croissant Day
  • Escape Day
  • School Day of Non-Violence and Peace
  • Yodel for Your Neighbors Day

January 31

  • Backward Day
  • Fun At Work Day
  • Gorilla Suit Day
  • Inspire your Heart with Art Day
  • Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day
  • Scotch Tape Day
  • Hot Chocolate Day
  • Preschool Health and Fitness Day
  • Hug an Economist Day

Themes for January—Observances of the Month

Just like every other month, January has a number of themes under which each daily event falls. You should have already seen that January is quite the busy month. It is not surprising that it comes with a myriad of themes.

Regardless, let’s jump into it!

  • Be Kind to Food Servers Month
  • Celebration of Life Month
  • Book Blitz Month
  • Get Organized Month
  • International Brain Teaser Month
  • Children Impacted by a Parent’s Cancer Month
  • International Child-Centered Divorce Month
  • International New Year’s Resolutions Month for Businesses
  • International Creativity Month
  • Clean Up Your Computer Month
  • Glaucoma Awareness Month
  • Hobby Month
  • Hot Tea Month
  • Mail Order Gardening Month
  • Mentoring Month
  • Oatmeal Month
  • Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month
  • Poverty in America Awareness Month
  • Radon Action Month
  • Skating Month
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
  • Soup Month
  • Walk Your Pet Month
  • Stalking Awareness Month
  • Wheat Bread Month 
  • Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Themes of January—Weekly Observances

For January’s weekly observances, here you go!

  • Celebration of Life Week: January 1st – 7th
  • Diet Resolution Week: January 1st – 7th
  • New Year’s Resolutions Week: January 1st – 7th
  • Silent Record Week: January 1st – 7th
  • National Folic Acid Awareness Week: January 5th – 11th
  • Cuckoo Dancing Week: January 11th – 17th 
  • National Mocktail Week: January 12th – 18th
  • Universal Letter Writing Week: January 12th – 18th
  • Bald Eagle Appreciation Days: January 18th – 19th
  • National Irish Coffee Week: January 19th – 25th
  • Sugar Awareness Week January 19th – 25th
  • National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week January 19th – 25th
  • Clean Out Your Inbox Week January 19th – 25th
  • Healthy Weight Week: January 19th – 25th
  • Hunt for Happiness Week: January 19th – 25th
  • National Activity Professionals Week: January 19th – 25th
  • National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week: January 19th – 25th
  • National Handwriting Analysis Week: January 19th – 25th
  • National School Choice Week: January 19th – 25th
  • Meat Week: January 19th – 28th
  • Tax Identity Theft Week: January 27th – 31th

Video Ideas to help you Take January by Storm

Maybe you have it all figured out, perhaps you don’t. But just in case you’re having a hard time, we already rounded up a good number of video ideas in this post.

In our previous episode, we compiled a bunch of ideas you can use to keep the grind going. Here’s a list of what we suggested.

Be sure to check them out for more info.

Furthermore, here are a few extra ideas for you!

Expert Q & A Sessions

You can allow your audience to ask you questions relevant to your products and services, in the spirit of whatever specific event that is going on. Give them the chance to ask their questions under a thread or any way that works best for you. Compile their questions and create a video showing their questions along with relevant answers.

This allows you to see the curiosities in the minds of your customers, and with this, you can be able to make even better products that do not just earn their trust, but also keep this trust.


Shout-outs are always a great way of making your customers feel very important. You can give them the chance to feature in your shout-outs video by encouraging them to comment with a specific hashtag or tagline. Pick them randomly and send shout-outs to as many people as you can in a heartwarming video.

Also, try to creatively work these videos to fit into the event of the day.

Pro-Tips to help you See Results with your Video Content

Indeed, creating videos is a fun thing to do, but it is much more than that! If done right, it could put you on a fine track to hitting milestones in your business.

We already addressed this in previous episodes, be sure to check them out for all the details.

Furthermore, here are a few extra tips to keep in your pocket.

  • Don’t Forget Your Existing Customers: You’ve got to admit. You’re working your butt off because you want to increase sales, and that means you’re targeting a lot of new customers. While that is a very healthy thing for every business, we tend to get carried away sometimes and take our existing customers for granted. Always find a way to ensure you retain their loyalty. Make little offers here and there for repeat customers whenever you can, give them shout-outs every now and then. That way, you won’t only make them more loyal, you will get your business endeared to new customers as well!
  • Try to be Original: Sometimes, in your bid to outdo your competitor, you end up doing almost the same things they did—or maybe slightly better. But usually, this turns you into a copycat, especially when you are obsessed about what your competitors are doing. You’re always catching up. This time around, try to set a pace. Do something original in your videos, and watch them try to catch up!
  • Always Pay Attention to Feedbacks: This is a no-brainer, but many brands seem to ignore their customers’ feedback or comments after every video, especially when there are several feedbacks to pay attention to. Stand out by actually paying attention and reacting appropriately to your feedback, this is particularly important for startups with a relatively smaller audience base.

As already stated, more tips can be found here.

Feel free to use our video content calendar template. Use it as you want, it’s all yours! To download it, once you’ve accessed the page, hit File, then, Download.

Last Words

With the year already started, it is important that you are already prepared to stay abreast of all the happenings in the marketing ecosystem.

Depending on your business, take advantage of the daily events we’ve painstakingly compiled for you along with the monthly and weekly observances. You’re advised to also run a little research on any event that gets your interest so you’ll be able to maximize the opportunities they bring.

Be sure to make use of Animotica, our super-easy, fun, and effective video editor.


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