Ready to discover over 50 unique and trendy YouTube video ideas? These suggestions will help you boost your content, increase your audience engagement, and gain more subscribers for your channel.  

Whether you’re a beginner at YouTube filmmaking, or an experienced creator seeking fresh inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Integrating the latest YouTube video trends with your unique storytelling style can elevate your content creation. This combination will streamline your process, ensuring your content is always top-of-the-line.

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50+ YouTube Video Ideas to Get More Views

Welcome to our collection of trendy YouTube video ideas! These tips are not only fun and engaging but also designed to attract views and make your channel the talk of the town. If you’re struggling with a creative block, allow us to lead you through these inspiring concepts that will ignite your creativity.

Introduce Yourself

If you’re new to YouTube or rebranding, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself. A catchy introduction can help you connect with your viewers. Let them know your purpose on YouTube and your interests — it could be anything from tech reviews to movie discussions to skateboarding. Don’t forget to include some quirky facts about yourself — viewers appreciate interesting tidbits! 

If you’re working with a team, consider an introduction video for them too. Show what each member contributes and how they help create your content. Talk about your channel’s goals and what sets it apart. This personal touch can help viewers feel more connected. The better they know you and your team, the more they’ll engage with your videos. This is your moment to let your uniqueness stand out – remember, YouTube is your stage.

A Day-In-My-Life Vlog

Creating a ‘Day-In-My-Life’ vlog is a fun way to get viewers interested in your daily routine. This could be anything from running errands to attending meetings to baking. It’s a great way to start conversations and give your audience helpful tips on managing everyday life. 

Try mixing up your shooting style by using different angles or close-up shots. You can also use time-lapse photography to show a full day’s activities in a short amount of time.

GRWM (Get Ready With Me)

GRWM videos will remain trendy in 2024, attracting those who admire beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. GRWMs are great for revealing your character, daily routines, and style choices. Add some fun music in the background and you have an engaging video. Use Animotica for the best editing results. 

You can also get creative with it. Try a ‘get-ready-together’ video with a friend, or share your morning and evening routine in different videos. Keep it real and unfiltered to engage viewers. Keep the interaction going by replying to comments and asking for future video ideas from your audience. 

Reaction videos

Starting a reaction video series can be both exciting and intimidating. Be mindful of your viewers, your unique style, and copyright rules as you create entertaining content by reacting to popular media. This is a great way to start interesting discussions and engage with your audience. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, no worries! Have a look at our detailed guide on how to make a reaction video for YouTube. It’s filled with useful advice and copyright guidance which can help you create intriguing reaction videos for your channel.

Challenge videos

Challenge videos are a big hit. They can be about anything — from goofy games to serious competitions. Your audience will enjoy watching you take on these challenges. You may even convince them to give them a try! 

Consider doing a popular challenge like the 100-Layers Challenge. You can customize it to fit your channel or even invent a new challenge that aligns with your viewer’s interests. The beauty of challenge videos is how they draw in your viewers. You could also ask other YouTubers to undertake your challenge to ascertain a broader reach. 


If you’re really into a certain topic like personal growth, films, or the latest tech, think about launching a podcast on YouTube. You could talk alone or invite guests. Podcasts give your viewers a chance to dive into topics deeply, learning something new while they chill, drive, or do their daily tasks.  

A podcast can quickly become popular, especially if you bring in an original approach or interesting speakers. Remember, you can convert each podcast into a YouTube video. Get a camera, press record, and set off to create content that appeals to different viewers. Not sure how to kick off your podcast? No worries. We have a simple guide on how to start a podcast ready for you.

Tutorial Videos

If you’re an expert in something, why not share your knowledge through tutorial videos? Make sure your videos are fun and speedy — your viewers are here to learn, after all. Use jokes or fast-paced talks to keep them engaged.  

In tutorial videos, it’s crucial to be clear and to the point. Plan your videos well, highlighting important parts and common mistakes. Use pictures or animations to explain difficult stuff. These videos can make you a go-to expert in your field and build a dedicated audience. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, keep refining your content with each new video. Want to create a great tutorial video? Visit this blog post on how to make a tutorial video for a simple step-by-step guide.

Productivity Hacks

Feeling overwhelmed by your busy day? You’re not alone. Productivity tricks can reshape your workday, helping you manage your time better. Whether it’s using productivity apps, mastering time management, or sharing the Pomodoro technique for efficient work intervals, your video can spark insightful conversation, connect with your audience, and simplify a busy lifestyle.

Test Viral Hacks

Are there viral ‘hacks’ that promise easy solutions? Untangle their truth on your channel by testing from makeup to household tips. This fun content not only entertains but fosters engagement and creates trust with your audience. Perhaps start a series like ‘Hack or Hoax?’ to debunk or verify these popular claims. Honest viewpoints attract followers!

Parody videos

Step into comedy and create parody videos that mimic famous songs, shows, or games — just be wary of copyright rules! Have fun with other YouTube videos or popular gamers. Just remember, while humor attracts viewers, respect keeps them. As creators, it’s crucial to maintain a respectful online environment. 


YouTube is a great platform for showcasing your humorous side through comedy skits. These short, preplanned performances offer the chance to portray amusing characters, play with props, and experiment with comedic timing. By focusing on relatable happenings or trending topics with a comedic twist, your skits can become a talking point, potentially gaining shares and popularity. Take inspiration from successful comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and unleash your creative comedy beast!

Prank videos

Prank videos are a big hit on YouTube because they bring lots of laughs and surprises. To make a top-notch prank video, all you need is a fun idea, some sneaky planning, and lots of laughs. Just make sure your pranks are safe and fun for everyone, including the person you’re pranking! 

Remember, prank videos should be all about fun. Always think about the people you’re pranking and make sure they’re okay with the joke. Keep pranking fun for everyone!

Social Experiments

Are you thinking about trying social experiments? They’re popular are big in 2024. These videos look at issues like stereotypes and start important conversations. Just make sure your content is positive and empathetic. 

You could run a social experiment to see if people will help a stranger or document their quick reactions to difficult questions. Remember to respect personal space and be ethical. This kind of content grabs your viewers and reveals aspects of human behavior. So, are you ready to make a social experiment video for your YouTube channel?

Shopping haul

Sharing your recent buys in a video could be a cool idea. People often find it interesting to see what others have bought. In a shopping haul video, you can showcase the items you picked up from different stores — could be make up, clothes, home stuff, techy things, or even thrift store finds. 

Talking about your first thoughts, why you bought them, and how you’ll use them can make your video more interesting. Plus, if your channel grows, companies might even give you products to feature in your videos. It’s a great way to increase your popularity and make connections with brands. 

Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials are a brilliant option for sharing exciting and educational content with your viewers. You can create various makeup styles, from everyday to extravagant party looks or even themed ones like a summer look or a Halloween style. As a makeup artist, you’ll be sharing your artistic transformations and teaching your viewers how they, too, can recreate these looks. 

You can make your tutorials more engaging by explaining each step in detail. Discuss why each step is important, offer alternative product recommendations for different skin types or budgets, and share your personal tips for perfect makeup application. This not only makes your content interesting and interactive but also positions you as an expert in the beauty industry. Remember, the key is to ensure your viewers are learning and having fun at the same time!

What’s in My Bag

Open up your everyday life to your viewers with a classic “What’s in My Bag” video. This timeless idea lets viewers feel a personal connection and always attracts interest. Whether it’s your daily tote, gym bag, or travel bag, these videos offer a peek into your world, letting subscribers see your tastes and personality up close. The real magic lies in the stories behind the contents — memories, reasons, or fun facts about your items. The result? A closer bond with your viewers. 

The beauty of this idea lies in its adaptability to suit various channel themes. Tech buffs can reveal their work backpack contents, while fitness fanatics might share their gym bag treats. This flexible approach keeps your content fresh, inviting, and viewer-friendly.

Home Tour Videos

Home tours give a cool, insider’s view into your personal life, showcasing everything from your quirky collections to your unique decorating style. You can even mix it up and share tours of virtual homes in games like Minecraft or Sims for an unexpected twist. 

Remember, the best home tour videos are genuine. Let your viewers peek into your real living spaces, from a comfy nook to your kitchen. Showing your actual home can create a connection with your audience as they discover how you make the most of everyday spaces.

Room Makeovers

If you love changing up your space, you could make room makeover videos. Viewers enjoy seeing transformations and creative ideas. Show your viewers a quick version of the whole makeover process and then give a tour of the new space. Talk about why you made certain decisions and tips for them to do the same. 

Remember, it’s not just bedrooms. You could do a home office, kitchen, or even outdoor space. Highlights are where looks meet practicality. Add some DIY pieces or repurposed finds for a personal touch. These videos can even connect with viewers who care about sustainable living. The goal is to make videos that are fun, useful and inspiring.


If you love DIY projects and have cool ideas, YouTube is a great space to share them. DIY videos can tackle various subjects, from home decor to recycling tips to detailed origami tutorials. 

These videos showcase your talents and teach others. You can create videos on crafts, cooking, gardening, or even furniture-making. Mixing themes might also appeal to a broad audience. 

Creating a DIY video can be both fun and satisfying. So why not grab your tools or a kitchen spatula and start broadcasting your awesome ideas?

Workout Videos

Invigorate your love of fitness by crafting workout videos. Guide your viewers with diverse routines that cater to beginners, bodybuilders, or home workouts. Spice it up with rapid ‘5-minute workouts’ or ‘fitness challenges’. Construct a series dedicated to varying fitness levels and include Q&A sessions to clarify viewer inquiries. Ensure your instructions are clear and emboldened with a vibrant, motivating tone.

Travel Diary

Looking to do something with your travel photos and videos? Consider creating a YouTube travel diary! Share your experiences and favorite moments from your trips, whether it’s a breathtaking Bali sunset or a bustling Bangkok scene. The key is authenticity, so you don’t need a high-end production. Sprinkle in the process of planning, packing, and every misadventure along the way to provide a real sense of your journey. So, take your camera and start recording – your travel diary is waiting.

Travel Advice and Tips

How about sharing your travel experience? Offer tips like packing essentials, selecting accommodation, safety guidelines, and cultural etiquette. The key is to keep it real. Include your triumphs and pitfalls for a more genuine, helpful guide. 

Consider using a “do’s and don’ts” setup or even a Q&A wrap-up with audience queries. Remember, in travel, it’s not just the destination but also the journey that holds invaluable tips for your viewers! 


Have you considered hosting interviews on your YouTube channel? This tactic can attract new followers and provide insightful content. Depending on your style, you can conduct deep-dive interviews or Q&A sessions. Align the guests with your channel’s theme for maximum relevance. Remember, planning engaging questions and ensuring a welcoming environment is crucial for a successful chat.

Career Advice and Tips

If you’re a YouTube creator with a separate career, why not share career advice and tips? Tackle useful topics like choosing a job, acing interviews, climbing the ladder, or starting a business. Show viewers tasks like writing a good resume or performing in a mock interview. But remember, balancing work and life is also key. Stay real and genuine in your videos about managing both work and personal time, and your viewers will appreciate your honest guidance to succeed in their own careers.

Budgeting Tips and Tricks

If you’re a pro at budgeting or have some unique money-saving tips, why not share them? YouTube is a fantastic platform for quick, easy-to-understand financial advice. Explain budgeting and its importance, share your personal journey, and break down complex terminology into layman’s terms. 

Consider using creative animations or infographics to make your content visually appealing. You can cover everything from making a household budget to offering investment advice. This niche not only has a wide audience but may even help someone transform their financial situation.

Success Stories

Consider focusing on a success story for your next video. Choose a person who’s surmounted obstacles and triumphed — a businessperson, athlete, or stellar student, for example. The more genuine and riveting the story, the more it will resonate with your audience. 

Such stories not only inspire viewers but also help deepen the connection with your content. Discussing the journey, including the struggles faced, adds a layer of authenticity. Share those victories and inspire your viewers while enhancing your content’s value.

Industry News

Got a passion for trends? Use it to fuel your YouTube channel! Share the latest news in your field, be it pop culture, gaming, beauty, tech, or lifestyle. Discuss new products, events, or hot-button issues. This can position you as a trusted trendsetter, attracting a loyal audience eager for updates. 

Such content can encourage viewer discussions, spiking engagement. But remember, while sharing news, inject your unique style to keep it enjoyable. You’re not just a news anchor, but an entertainer too!

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos break down tricky subjects or products, perfect for tech fans, beginners, or health-focused viewers. Try out YouTube Shorts – quick, fun snippets of knowledge great for simplifying academic topics.  

Want to make your own explainer videos? Visit our guide on how to craft engaging explainer videos. Use this trend to create content that’s both educational and interesting for your audience.

Top 10 List Videos

Consider crafting Top 10 list videos to add variety to your channel’s content. These videos simplify complex subjects into bite-sized, relatable content, catering to subjects ranging from ‘top 10 productivity apps’ to ‘top 10 thriller novels’ and beyond, depending on your niche. 

These videos fuel viewer engagement by prompting discussion in the comments section. They also appeal to viewers’ curiosity, enticing them to check out which items made your list. Regular Top 10 features could become a major hit on your channel!

Speaking of lists, ever wondered why blog post on top free screen recorders are only eight products and not ten? Well, why make a round number when you can laugh in the face of convention!

Tech Reviews

If you’re tech-savvy and keen on sharing your insights, consider launching YouTube videos on technology reviews. Cover the full range of the latest gadgets, from smartphones to gaming consoles, and inform your viewers about their features, prices, pros, and cons. This not only aids someone’s buying decision but also earns you credibility among the tech community.

Unboxing videos are another exciting idea. It’s as if the viewer is personally unboxing the gadget, adding tangibility to your content. You can also keep your audience up-to-speed on emerging technology trends or share DIY tech projects. This enriches your content and keeps it engaging. So why wait? Begin recording and delve into all things tech!

Let’s Play Series

Engage your audience with a Let’s Play series where you share your gameplay while adding interesting commentary. Pick a popular game or an underappreciated one with a great story to make it more interesting. Casual or pro-gamer, what matters are your unique insights and reactions. 

Interact with your viewers to create a sense of community. Answer their comments and join in on strategy discussions. This interaction not only makes the series more enjoyable but also builds a stronger bond with your audience, elevating their experience. Check this blog on how to record gameplay on Windows 11.

Gaming Challenges

Ever dreamt of acing a tough gaming challenge? Why not record it? Creating a video of your gaming exploits is a fun way to engage your audience and capitalize on the competitive gaming spirit. Whether you’re tackling a challenging level, attempting a trending game challenge, or gunning for a speed run record, the thrill and suspense will keep your viewers glued to their screens. 

Remember, it’s not always about coming out on top. The journey, complete with its ups and downs, can sometimes be more entertaining than the victory itself. So, let your viewers enjoy your unique gaming personality through both your success and your struggles.

Game walkthroughs

If you enjoy playing video games, creating gaming walkthrough videos could be a great fit for you. These videos are a great way to guide your viewers through games, discover hidden areas, and talk about game details. This could help inspire conversations and build a community around your channel. 

As the gaming industry grows, there’s always new content to explore. Making comprehensive walkthrough videos requires not only your unique ideas but also the right recording setup. Check out this guide on how to start a YouTube gaming channel to help you get started. 

Video Game Reviews

Are you a gamer? Sharing your game reviews is a great idea! Talk about the latest releases, your gaming experience, and insights about game design. Discuss game graphics and character development and sketch a comparison if it’s a sequel. Give your verdict to engage viewers with similar interests. 

Always constructively criticize and do your research for balanced reviews. Viewer comments spark debates and build a gaming community. We’re eager to hear your insights on 2024’s standout game. Happy gaming!

Music Videos

If you love music, sharing it on YouTube can boost your creativity. Consider making videos of song covers or original tunes. This can stir up interesting chats and create audience engagement. 

You could also try remixing music videos. This allows you to tap into the fanbase of the original song while adding your unique touch. With our user-friendly video editor, Animotica, making professional lyric videos becomes a cinch. Check out our blog on how to make a lyric video.

Movie Reviews

Movie reviews are great content! They give your viewers insight into what to expect from a film. There’s always a new release or a classic worth discussing. You can discuss the plot, actors, and even the cinematography. Most importantly, your unique perspective will make your content stand out. 

Try different formats like spoiler-free reviews or comparisons of book and movie adaptations. Remember to ask your viewers for their opinions to encourage interaction and attract more views to your video!

Music Reviews

If music is your jam, why not share your insights in a music review video? Like popular reviewer Anthony Fantano, delve deep into your favorite tracks and talk about them as though you’re just conversing with a friend. Your viewers will appreciate your authentic commentary.

Spice up your reviews with some music history or artist trivia to keep things interesting. Encourage viewer engagement by asking them to share their opinions in the comments. Don’t let a creative slump stop you – let your unique views on music inspire your channel’s growth!

Book Reviews

If you’re a bookworm, book reviews might be your thing. Talk about captivating books you’ve read lately. Start with a short summary, share your likes, dislikes, highlights, and don’t forget to rate it. 

This could motivate your viewers to read more and start interesting conversations. If you include Amazon affiliate links in your video description, you could even earn a bit through them. So, think about making a book review video — it’s an exciting way to interact with your audience while also benefiting you. 

Pet Videos

If you adore animals, why not show them off on YouTube? Cute and hilarious pet videos are always a hit. Making these videos doesn’t have to be plain or simple — add your creative flair, and you’ll more likely draw in a larger audience.

Two attractive themes are funny pet videos and pet reaction and challenge videos. Capture your pet’s funniest moments with cool camera angles, clever captions, or catchy music. Videos showing pets responding to new experiences or navigating obstacle courses are appealing and highly interactive. These antics might just reveal the fun-loving side of your pet while tickling your viewers’ funny bones. 

Nature Videos

Ever thought about capturing nature’s magic in your videos? Showcasing captivating sunsets, intriguing wildlife, or mesmerizing underwater shots can draw in viewers. It’s an excellent opportunity for your audience to unwind and take a breather from their busy lives.

Enrich your content by sharing informative tidbits — like bird species in your locale or fun facts about your shooting site. This mixture of entertainment and learning can be highly engaging. Consider adding cool visuals or calming background music for an extra touch of charm.

Recipe Showcases

If you love to cook, start sharing it with the world. YouTube is a great place for showcasing your best recipes. It doesn’t matter if the dish is a family secret or a keto favorite – being real grabs attention. Make your videos pop by adding themes like weekly meal preps or festive fare. Remember to sprinkle useful tips and tidbits throughout your videos to keep viewers engaged. 

Adding a guest chef or influencer to your video series could spice things up. They can share fresh ideas or even participate in a cook-off challenge. Mixing food and fun is a proven crowd-pleaser, making your videos irresistible to viewers.

Restaurant Reviews

Are you a foodie who enjoys exploring new dining options? Share these experiences with your audience! Talk about restaurants, from local spots to popular ones. Discuss the ambiance, service, and dishes. If there are vegan or gluten-free choices, mention them; it helps to reach a broader audience. 

Remember, your reviews needn’t always be positive. Honesty is key to strong viewer relationships. If a big-name restaurant disappoints, feel free to express that, but be constructive and respectful. Your aim should be to entertain your viewers and guide them on where to eat next.

Science Experiments

Have you ever considered turning science into entertainment? You can impress your viewers by conducting simple experiments at home. Explaining the science behind the experiments not only makes the videos educational but also adds an element of fun. 

Engage your viewers by getting them involved. Let them predict outcomes, share your results, and suggest experiments. This interactive approach can stimulate viewer interest and foster a sense of community on your channel. The key is to entertain, educate, and engage!

Documentary-Style Videos

Creating documentary-style videos can boost your channel’s reputation. You can tackle serious subjects like climate change or social issues, blending personal stories, interviews, and solid research. This offers a good balance of facts and narratives that engage your viewers. Be prepared, though — these videos need well-planned storylines and thorough organization.

Yes, they require more work, but the payoff is worth it. Your channel will become a trusted source of insightful content. Plus, working with experts or influencers in your niche increases viewer interest and encourages more engagement. So, give documentaries a shot! 

Interesting True Crime Cases

Do you love true crime? Consider sharing lesser-known but attention-grabbing cases with your audience. Prepare your content carefully, respecting the sensitivity of the topic. Use your storytelling skills to simplify complex cases. Enhanced with visuals or animations, these can keep viewers engaged and spark conversations in the comment section. 

For an original spin, explore local or historical crimes. Always remember to precisely fact-check and cite your sources to maintain credibility. Inviting viewers to share their insights on unresolved cases can also be a great strategy for promoting community engagement.

Mythbusting Videos

Busting myths on YouTube videos is a trending idea! Essentially, you’re correcting common misconceptions about any topic — it could be beauty, fitness, and more. The catch? Support your points with credible evidence and real-life examples so that your viewers feel informed and can make smarter choices. Authentic and honest content is essential for gaining your viewers’ trust and expanding your channel. 

At the end of your videos, make sure to mention that your content is based on your research and understanding, which safeguards you from potential criticism. So, select a widespread myth and debunk it in your next video!

Opinion on Hot Topics

If you’re passionate about something, it could be the theme for your next video. Chat about current trends like politics, pop culture, or societal issues. It’s your authentic views that capture your audience. 

While sharing, ignite exciting conversations and always communicate courteously with your audience, regardless of differing viewpoints. Your aim? To stimulate insightful debates, which could boost your video views and audience engagement.

Photography Videos

If you’re passionate about photography, why not channel this into YouTube content? Consider producing videos discussing your favorite equipment, providing photo tips, conducting gear reviews, or even offering editing lessons. This not only showcases your expertise but also helps you form a connection with fellow photography lovers. 

Beyond that, pull back the curtain and let your viewers accompany you on photoshoots. Document your creative process, narrate the stories behind each snapshot, or share interesting on-shoot events. This insider view can captivate audiences by revealing the hard work that crafts each picture-perfect shot.

Historical Insights Videos

History doesn’t have to be boring! With videos focusing on historical insights, you can create engaging content around stories from the past. This could be anything from exploring ancient civilizations to unraveling the origins of Bitcoin. 

Remember to keep your audience hooked with compelling narration and appealing graphics. It’s not about bombarding your viewers with facts but creating captivating content that educates. Keep the storytelling creative, and your viewers will be on the edge of their seats waiting for your next video.

Language Learning Videos

Consider making engaging educational videos that teach a new language. Pick a language, such as French, Mandarin, or German, and start teaching basic phrases or grammar. This is a popular concept that attracts a wide audience. 

Add a twist by sharing local traditions, food, or celebrations related to the language you teach. This immersive approach makes learning more interesting and could bring in more viewers. Creatively combine culture with language to offer a unique lesson!

Prediction and Analysis 

Intrigue your audience with enlightening prediction and analysis videos. Cover hot topics like sports, business, or the economy, and impress with your expertise. Present clear, data-backed insights to establish yourself as a go-to resource in your field. 

Are you an avid gamer or a finance whizz? Simplify your passion into engaging content, like future gaming trends or economic predictions. Remember to weave in your personal thoughts for an extra layer of authenticity that appeals to your viewers.


In conclusion, creating content for YouTube shouldn’t be a hassle. There are endless possibilities for interesting and engaging videos. No matter your interests, from makeup and gaming to cooking and fitness, our 50+ video ideas can spark your imagination. You might get excited by trying out viral trends or doing fun science experiments for your viewers. 

Keep in mind that YouTube is a huge platform with all sorts of content for a wide range of viewers. The secret to creativity is finding what truly inspires you. Creating videos about what you love will attract viewers with similar interests who value your authenticity. 

Don’t limit yourself to a single type of video. Try out different ideas and formats. You might even find an unexpected concept that boosts your channel’s popularity. Remember, all successful YouTubers started at the beginning, finding their “niche” by trying different things. 

We wish you the very best on your journey as a content creator. Don’t forget the most important advice – relish the ride! If the YouTube Shorts format piques your interest, do check out our blog post on 30 viral ideas for YouTube Shorts for some fresh inspiration. 


What are the Best Content Creation Tools for YouTube?

Boost your YouTube game with top-notch tools like Animotica and ScreenMix!

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How Can I Spark My Creativity for YouTube Video Creation?

Feeling creatively drained? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. Creativity comes in waves, and sometimes all you need is a little nudge to set it in motion. Intriguingly, there are YouTube video idea generators to help pave the path for you. They generate fresh ideas from the keywords you enter. 

Remember, brainstorming and collaboration are effective ways to generate unique concepts. Plus, engaging with your audience can uncover a treasure trove of potential ideas. With these tips in your toolkit, you can be confident that you can create your next brilliant YouTube video concept.

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